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Board & Trains

Who Is A Good Fit for a Board & Train?

Good Fit 

  • Confident

  • No major behavioral problems, anxiety, or phobias

  • Just need some "polishing up"

  • Puppies 6 months & up

  • You want to build Foundation Skills faster in your dog

  • Crate trained

Not A Good Fit
  • Insecure dogs
  • Major behavioral problems such as:
    • Anxiety, Aggression, Reactivity, Phobias, fearful, Struggle to calm down or let things go
  • Need large scale changes
  • Puppies under 6months
  • Not crate trained or have anxiety, fear, or panic about being crated  
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Get Started!
Step 1: Fill out the Training Application
Step 2: Book a Remote Session
How to get started for a Board & Train
Board & Train Programs
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