Foundation Dog Training

for Dog Owners

Dog Friends

Create a solid training foundation

Help your dog be the best friend you always wanted by supporting them through two-way communication that you will learn in this course!

  • Learn how to communicate to your dog what you would like to see more of in their behavior

  • Learn how to read your dog's stress signals & body language to tell when they are in over their head 

  • Learn how to communicate with your dog through a leash for better walks and more understanding

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Will this training

work for my dog?

In short, YES!

In this online course we will go over how dog's learn, and how we can use this to effectively communicate with and train 


We will also go over why your dog may or may not be able to understand or comply with what you are asking at times. 

Many dogs that have trouble focusing have trouble relaxing in response to things that distress or excite them- 

through this course you will be able to teach your dog to relax in these situations at a pace that works for your dog and therefore you!

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How will this training help

me & my dog? 

Two- Way


We often ask our dogs to do things without fully hearing or understanding their side of the story. 

For lasting changes in training we need to align our agenda with our dog's agenda-

In other words,

Make our ideas our dog's ideas! 

In this course, you will start to create two-way communication with your dog so that you can create a stronger relationship where your dog wants to work with you!


Training Levels

The best way to train your dog is to set them up for success.

When your dog repeatedly has success they become confident, and develop more trust in you. 

To set our dog's up for success we need to understand what level they are at, and make sure we don't put them in over their head.

This course will teach you how to determine where your dog can successfully start, and how to discern when you are asking too much or too little from your dog

Here's what's included with this course...

  • Video instruction on how to train your dog
  • Instruction on how and when to move forward or back in training with your dog
  • 30 days of video review & inbox support
  • Supporting pdf's and documents that detail dog body language, and psychology! 
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"As Eloise got bigger she got more difficult to walk and her puppy behavior got harder to handle, at her puppy training class someone recommended Val to us and I am sooo happy they did!! Eloise is now a dream to walk and it’s all thanks to Val she is such a natural and has the magic touch!"

-Emily P. & Eloise

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Hey there!

My Name is Valerie,

(and that's my ACD Lewen)

I am the owner of Venture Doggie LLC a dog daycare and training business in Maine. I am a professional dog trainer, veterinary technician, and lifelong student! I have lived all over the world perfecting my craft in the training of dogs and horses, and live to learn more about these amazing animals!
I always thought I would be a veterinarian, and pursued an M.S In Molecular Biology to fulfill that path, but once I got deeply into animal behavior I knew I had found my true calling. I have now grown and developed my other business, Spirit Canine Ventures, where I help want-to-be dog business owners start creating their dream in 30 days!
Through this journey, I have seen many people become frustrated and at odds with their dearest animals, and have experienced this feeling myself! My goal is to take the frustration out of inter-species communication, when people and their dogs don't agree, and replace it with fun, understanding, and compassion! You will find Foundation Dog Training for Dog Owners gives you the means to communicate with your dog effectively, and produce results quickly! I wish you all to have a stronger and deeper relationship with your four-legged-friends, and know this is the best way to get you started.
Happy Training!
<3 Val & Lewen 



Will this training be successful for my dog?

YES! This course is designed to teach you and your dog foundation training techniques.  However, all dogs are individuals so if you have any questions, or problems that come up, that is why I offer 30 days of inbox and video review support. I want you and your dog to be as successful as possible! 

Will this system work for my reactive, fearful, or aggressive dog?

Please note, this program will not fix major behavioral problems including but not limited to aggression, anxiety, or phobias. If you have a dog that suffers from these issues this program will create a great way for you to start communicating with your dog, but you will need more support for larger behavioral problems. Do not start training without an experienced in-person trainer if you have any doubts about how safe your dog is to train. For questions, in-person, or remote training you can book online at

Will this system work for my shelter dog ?

YES! However, as stated above, if your dog is experiencing major behavioral problems I recommend you contact me before getting started. Also be aware of your dog's behavior before starting, if you are dealing with a newly adopted dog make sure you feel 100% safe, confident,  and comfortable working with your dog before starting training.

What format is this framework taught in?

This framework is taught in video and written format. Video to show you what training looks like, and written format to explain why it works. You will also be able to track your progress as you go!

Do I have lifetime access ?

YES! You have instant and lifetime access

Will I have support if something goes wrong?

YES! I offer 30 days of support.  I want you and your dog to be as successfull as possible. 

Do you offer refunds?

No, due to the online nature of this program, and the support system I offer refunds are not offered for this course. However, if you do have concerns, email me at

When can I get this course 50% off?

This course is offered once a year at 50% off from January 8th to January 10th. After that the price goes back up to $130.