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Private Training with Valerie Naegele

A Different Approach to Dog Training

Whether you are looking to work with me In-Person or Remotely my unique training programs are set up to give you and your dog a solid foundation and to resolve anxiety, fear, aggression, and reactivity. 

I regularly work with dog owners who have tried other training methods and are still having problems

Issues I commonly work with are:


Excessive barking and/or whining, fear of things or places, sound sensitivity, car anxiety, restlessness, anxiety, pacing, jumping, overexcitement, hyperactivity, excitability, chasing, nipping, counter surfing, excessive barking, over-reacting towards dogs or people, growling, lack of control on walks, socialization issues, guest arrival, off-leash reliability, and more...


My training is Source Focused rather than Symptoms focused 

This means we will find the source of your dog's problem behavior and resolve the issue at this juncture, rather focusing on symptoms and masking the actual problem. This holistic approach allows us to create lasting behavioral changes that require less maintenance long term. It also means you will gain an understanding of how to work with your dog through any issue, rather than feeling like you are putting out fire after fire. This approach is meant to create deep connection between you and your dog, and deepen your relationship so you can feel like you train together as one. Training programs are great for dogs that are just getting started or have one or more behavioral concerns.


Learn more about my unique approach by watching my FREE masterclass

dogs dog day care dog training
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Step1. Fill out the Training Application to Register for Appointment 

Step 2. Book An Initial In-Person or Remote Session​ Appointment
Hurry! Spots go quickly!

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To learn more about my approach watch my FREE class today!

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dogs dog day care dog training
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