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Dog Camp

What is Dog Camp?
Dog camp is a privilege for friendly dogs that enjoy people and other dogs.  
We hike for 90 minutes on private land in Standish, Maine where your dog will socialize, hike, play, swim, and enjoy the best day care experience ever! 

Dogs at camp attend weekly and stick with the same crew so that they can form true friendships and become comfortable with their new buddies.
Dog camp is a truly incredible and immersive off-leash experience where your dog will learn how to play more safely with a variety of different dogs, and practice their obedience in a high distraction environment. 

I pick up and drop off your pup right from home if you are in my area, and if not we can always plan a "bus stop".
Have questions?
Dog Camp spots go quickly!

To be eligible for dog camp your dog must:

-Have completed a training program with me

To get started:
1.) Book a FREE Zoom Training Consult 

What does dog camp mean for you?

  • Your dog comes home happy, fulfilled, and tired so that you can come home and relax with your dog rather than have to tire them out!

  • A better behaved dog who is more well rounded which means less stress and chaos for you!

  • Continued training for your dog so that you get a break from continued training management to preserve what your dog has learned so that they don't slip into old habits as easy 

  • Continued training in high distraction environments so that your dog continues to listen to you even when there is a lot going on!

  • You and your dog will be able to go more places together and experience more freedom together while also being able to have confidence and certainty that you can trust your dog to listen to you anywhere 

Take a look at dog camp!

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