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Bringing your dog biological fulfillment, and safe socialization for a stress free lifestyle for you and your dog

Get Started at Dog Camp!

Fill out the dog camp evaluation to determine if your dog is ready for dog camp, and to save your spot! Dog camp spots go quickly!

Because safety is our number one priority not all dogs are suited for the activities of camp, but with training it is possible they can become camp dogs! 

We have many such success stories at dog camp.


  • Friendly with other dogs and people

  • Reliable off leash - We hike off-leash at camp

What is Dog Camp?

Dog Camp is daycare designed to bring your dog Biological Fulfillment and SAFE socialization. What is Biological Fulfilment and what does that have to do with dog camp?

Biological Fulfillment is a unique biological need that must be met in order for an organism to feel fulfilled. For our dogs these needs include safe socialization with other dogs, off-leash time to sniff and explore, area to migrate over, time to hunt, chase prey, and play!

This is where dog camp comes in! 

Many dogs don't get the chance to just be dogs. This can lead to various behavioral issues because they are not getting the canine enrichment they need- which includes canine friends! Dog camp is designed to meet your dogs social needs in a safe and educational way. Just being around dogs isn't always enough, teaching dogs how to be properly social will make their lives more enriching, and actually create better behavior at home so your dog listens better to you!

Biological fulfillment and socialization are the basic needs of all dogs. When incorporated into your dog's life they will add joy, relaxation, friends, and enrichment to their experience. 

This means a better behaved dog, and stress-free lifestyle for you! 

Dog Camp means your dog comes home happy, fulfilled, and tired!

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