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Every Moment is a Miracle

I think one of my favorite aspects of working with animals is the knowledge that they are right with you in each moment. The all pervasive now beckons their day, rather than schedules, agendas, or even time. When we can put ourselves back into their world our worries seem to melt away, and the things we thought were so pressing or stressful seem to disappear.

A dog can lay in the sun and not wonder about what else it could be doing, or wish it had something more. It embraces the moment with open paws and fully sinks into the beauty and enjoyment of basking in the sun.

I love to catch little moments like this, because it gives me a great sense of what I have to be grateful for. Little things in everyday life that can mean the world to someone else, that we often take for granted. Every moment with an animal truly becomes a miracle when you start to enter their world and their congruence with life. They always seem to operate with life, where I often find myself and people in general constantly resisting against life- whether that be taking action, adapting to change, or just accepting the present moment for what it is. Not needing anything more or less, but just loving a moment for all the sacredness it holds.

The simple lesson animals teach us is to be fully and more present in everything we do. By embracing this we to can experience the serenity of the now, and find contentment and peace in the smallest of things.

So if you are able to, find some time to take a walk or just be with your dog. Try to see the world through their eyes, devoid of time, worry, or pressing agendas and look at all the miracles happening right around you. I hope your animals can be a key that unlock the miracles hidden in the present moment.

Have a miracle animal moment to share? Please do! As always our mindful guardians are keeping us more present, and more likely to experience the joy in every moment of every day life.


Valerie & Lewen

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