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Earth Day- you are never to small to make a difference

I remember reading in one of my favorite novels , "Half Broke Horses" by Jeanette Walls,

"If you think you are too small to make a difference than you have never been bitten by a mosquito!"

Now maybe that's not the first place it was ever written, but it's where I found it and connected with it.

Nature can indeed make us feel small.

When we are in the presence of a great mountain, or the majesty of the stars how can we not feel small?

How can we not feel insignificant, and humbled by the beauty and grandeur of the universe?

It is a healthy way to feel from time to time.

To check in with life and nature and remember that you are only one very small part of it all, and that the true beauty and magic of life resides in how we are all connected.

I also like to remind myself, that we are all made from the same fabric as the stars. That within us the whole of the universe is woven, and without us is the whole of the universe.

It is comforting to remember and it uplifts us to step into the greatness around us, and know we can also be great. To know that we are not separate from, but apart of .

Because, to be great I believe we need to feel more at one with nature, no less, no better, but just apart of it. If we could remember that no Earthly creature is beneath us, and that no Earthly creature is above us, we could reach a more balanced way of thinking, a more balanced way of being.

We need to remember that the beauty around us is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves- and if we truly want to honor life, we must also honor ourselves.

A puppy knows he is perfect and whole and one with nature. He never doubts who he is, or feels humbled by what already resides within him. He never tries to be more, or less. He just lives life moment by moment, and lets things come and go. There is nothing that can take away the beauty of what he is, or the magic of his unique individuality. The same is true of small children.

Us adults tend to ride a roller coaster. We feel humbled, we feel above, we feel high, we feel low. We try to be more because we do not feel we are enough, we try to be less because we feel we don't deserve more. If we could all embrace our truest selves, our truest nature, and honor and believe in it the world would reflect this.

The constant strife we see in the natural world around us, reflects the strife many of us feel within ourselves. It is one of the reasons I find the company of animals so comforting, it is beautiful to behold something that can truly embrace who it is. The authenticity, and truth of an animal is one of their most beautiful lessons.

So if you are feeling like you are not large enough to make a difference this Earth Day, remember you are made of stars. Remember, that all the forces of nature came together to create you exactly as you are. So listen to your inner voice and the hopes and dreams she has for you-

she may be whispering exactly what you needed to hear <3

Happy Earth Day! I hope your mindful guardians are helping you to remember how special you all are and how important you are to this planet. Set the intention today to enjoy nature (with an animal friend if you can!) and remember why you are all connected.



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