How Dogs Heal Us

"I think of all the lost dogs,

the lost dogs begging to come home,

And it weighs on me,

it weighs on me.

Then I find it weighs on you to,

and notice that we are all carrying this weight

and together we can lift it

Lift spirits

Lift lives in ways we never knew were possible

because we are working together as a pack,

working toward a common goal.

Our lives and passions and desires synergistic

and flowing forward.

Rushing forward.

Surging forward,

with love.

Lifting the lives of all the dogs who were lost,

and finding our poor lost souls along the way,

finding our way home to ourselves

finding ourselves when we though we were lost.

That's dog medicine

Healing you before you knew you were wounded"

As an animal shelter volunteer I am often inspired to write by the love, beauty, and wisdom

of the dogs I work with. They give me peace, and have an amazing ability to heal all of us at our deepest core. They do so gracefully and simply-

By Being Themselves.

So utterly, purely, and authentically themselves that we are often connected to this energy by our own human desire to connect more deeply with who we truly are. They teach us how to let go of all the human constructs we build for ourselves, or that others have built around us. They guide us to the deepest truths within us,

and when we get there we find our dog loyally and patiently waiting there for us <3

Wondering why we became lost, but knowing they would walk with us and guide us every step of the way to our most authentic selves,

to the heart of our voice,

the center of our unchanged, uncorrupted beautiful selves.

I hope you are feeling inspired and loved by your mindful guardian, and by all the people who share a connection to their animals. It's all the same love, and together we can all lift one another up.


Valerie & Lewen

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