How dogs help us reconnect to nature and ourselves

We often forget that the best medicine is often right outside our front door- and dogs seem to always help us reconnect with this. There are several mornings I can remember waking up to ice rain and look at my dog and wonder why on Earth he would want to go out hiking. To subject us to cold, and damp, and dark miserable skies. Yet, every time we went out, my boots sloshing in the mud, I would s

beauty on a cold wet day

top noticing the damp and start noticing instead the brightness of lichen on the trees. Instead of the cold, I would notice the heat in my muscles

from the exertion of hiking. Suddenly the cold rain was beautiful and magical, as it misted eerily around all the pine trees, and I would realize that much of life is up to our perspective- and that being out in the elements is incredibly necessary for a healthy mindset.

For some of us our dogs are our only sense of connection to the wild, to a part of our humanity we don't often remember. When you are surrounded by concrete, and buildings, and people it can be tough to feel that mother nature still remembers you and that she is patiently waiting for you to reconnect. With all the patience of a mother oak she quietly settles in and watches, waits, and sends her roots right beneath our feet where we often forget to look. Amidst all the panic in the world with COVID 19, we are reconnected to nature in a way so startling and abrupt some of us are still reeling. Amidst so much change it can be difficult to cope, difficult to adapt and adjust. If we can remember to keep our heads lifted, and be on the look out for blue skies on the horizon I think it becomes easy to see that everything has a purpose- and most likely a positive purpose if we can find the courage to see it. The world is magical and full of beauty and opportunity, the sun is still always shining behind the clouds. I look at this pandemic as a way to help us remember that we are still living in the wild, we are apart of the wild, and it is the wild that keeps us. It teaches us to be humble. To remember that we are still subject to the law and order of the universe, that nothing mankind ever does will surpass the power of nature.

Look how much the human world has slowed down, and how the natural world just keeps on going on day in and day out. The birds are still singing, the rivers are still flowing, the stars still come out at night. Mother nature seems strangely unaware of our misfortune- and yet maybe she is waiting to see how we will respond. Have you found you have more time to spend with your family than you have in months, maybe years? Have you discovered things in your backyard you never knew existed? Have you taken that long walk with your dog, watched him or her grin with self knowing at the preciousness of life?

life is meant to be celebrated!

I honestly think every animal is highly aware of this, it is part of the reason they can be so present with us. I envy and admire the way my dog can just be, just exist with me, and try to incorporate this gift from him whenever possible. To remember that life is precious, life is beautiful, and our time here is everything. Every moment is everything. I think now is a better time than every to remember our unique purpose here on this Earth, and to spend every waking minute fulfilling that dream we have always wanted. Our uniqueness is our gift, and our gift to the world.

I hope you are all safe and well, and keeping a positive outlook however you can <3

Hold your mindful guardians close

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