Living Without Ego- Animal Wisdom

I once attended a 5 day horse clinic where the instructor would smile patiently, and tell everyone repeatedly,

"The horse is always right,"

his blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

So what did he mean by that statement? And why was it so funny?

What he was trying to get across was this-

Anything the horse did was because we asked him or her to do it, whether we realized it or not!

It was equally humbling and frustrating to realize that 99% of the time the things I didn't want my horse to do were only happening because in one way or another I was unintentionally asking him to do those things! Our horses can do all the maneuvers we could ever ask for out in their pasture. So what stands in the way of them performing a task when we ask? Our ego, and our communication system. If our communication system is flawed, the horse will not understand what you want and will not be able to do it. It makes sense, but when you tell somebody their

communication system with their animal is flawed... well they might get pretty upset!

Rather than seeing this information as a gift, and a way for us to improve our communication, since we are human, we start to personalize this information and make it about us.

If our communication or training system is flawed than what does that say about us? We let our ego take over, we let it fight for it's survival, it's identity. The "master trainer", the "animal person", the "horse/dog lady".... whatever your ego's perceived title, we get defensive and fight this gift because it makes us "wrong" and our ego wants to be "right".

Thankfully, our ego is not our truest self. Our truest self knows that anything truly beautiful comes from a place of love, compassion, and understanding. That there is no right and wrong, only trial and error, and that thankfully, the horses are always right -

so they can always guide us to the right answer!

The same can be said for our dogs!

Try to imagine something your dog does that drives you a little crazy-

now try to think of how you accidentally trained your dog to do that?

I'm not saying it's ALWAYS the case but 9 times out of 10 if an animal is doing something,

it's because it works for them.

You may feel your ego waking up at this very moment, screeching

"no way! I always do it right!" or

"My dog is just stubborn and doesn't listen!"

It's not always an easy pill to swallow!

Realize that that's all it is. Your ego. It wants to be right- and to be right, someone has to be wrong.

Our dogs live in the present, they don't naturally bring baggage to their day, they just take things as they come- mome