Reflecting on Dogs & the Holidays

The lights are on the tree, the fire crackles nearby. Picture sitting in a cozy deep leather armchair, book in hand while the snow falls silently outside. Your dog rests quietly at your feet taking in the moment with you.

Heaven on Earth

Every year when the holidays roll around we take a deep breath and reflect on time past. It's a time for pause, where we gain more traction by remaining still. We think over what we have accomplished, how we can do better, and try to become present to all that we have to be grateful for.

Our dogs are always happy to have us home more. They bring a quiet sense of routine and familiarity to us at a time of year when things can feel hectic. Family can feel overwhelming, money can be tight, but our dogs show us how to hold space for these things and allow them to be as they are. It is what it is, and mostly we are all doing pretty well considering.

For me, the holidays seems to bring a global awareness to me of how very fortunate I really am. How lucky I am for my family, and friends, and all the people, and animals that are apart of my life. Taking the time to slow down and be grateful around Christmas is one of the most beautiful lessons this season has to offer, and a lesson our dogs remind us of every day of the year.

You don't need anything else to be complete, because your dog already knows you are perfect exactly as you are.

That's a lesson straight from Mr.Lewen (pictured left), he has such a way with woofs!

I hope you, your family, your pets, and all those whom you hold dear are safe, well, happy, and focusing on whatever you have to be grateful for .

If you would like to share a picture, or lesson from your mindful guardian please share below!

<3 Val & Lewen Happy Holidays!!

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