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Staying Inspired- It's all about the Journey

We humans are creatures of desire, and it seems to me that even as I climb one mountain I am ready and looking to the next! There always seems more to do, and more to succeed at.

So how do we keep ourselves moving, motivated, and not overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there nowadays. With social media constantly in our faces, our smartphones constantly in hand (almost expected in hand!), and all the information in the world at our fingertips it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed, and lose sight of where we want to go. It can also be just as easy to feel inspired for the same reasons, albeit, short and quick inspiration.

So how do we keep the flame burning in a society that embraces fashionable quick fixes, the newest craze, and short & sweet philosophies?

It sure makes long-term effort, and steady hard work look very un-sexy...

Even though that is the thing necessary to training success with animals .

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to training, which can make it difficult and overwhelming for a lot of people to approach. I understand and have full compassion for owners who want their dog to behave faster. For riders that want their horse to become softer (more supple), faster. I totally get it, but I also think that we really need to re-evaluate what we think of when it comes to training our animals, and also ask ourselves why we are in such a rush!

I find that a lot of people have the notion that a problem with their dog can be worked through in just a few days, or a couple weeks, and never need revisiting. As if they can be programmed like a computer. Certainly extremely minor obedience exercises ("tricks") can be taught in a short amount of time, but it is rarely true if at all, when it comes to behavior modification. Meaning; we want to teach our horse or our dog to change their behavior in a certain situation, typically one that causes some form of anxiety. This is never going to be an overnight fix, and may even require lifelong management. We are constantly training our animals whether we are aware of it or not, so we always need to be aware of what message we are sending them.

Unfortunately it is easier to unravel training, than to create it.

I think the sooner we can accept that our relationships with our animals are just that, relationships

Meaning that they last for life-

the sooner we accept that, the sooner we will see the success we want.

The sooner we will find the connection we are looking for.

So why do we feel the need to rush the beautiful process of forming a relationship with our beloved companions?

How do we stay inspired to be patient and present during the journey of our lives and those we share it with?

Perhaps, we have trouble staying patient, because we lack time and patience for ourselves. Perhaps we lack presence in our journey, because we lack presence with ourselves and therefore understanding of who we are, and what we want.

Finding peace with our dog or our horse, comes first from finding peace within ourselves.

For me the knowledge that I will never know it all, that there will always be more to learn inspires magic in my life. It allows me to bring presence to my journey so that I can be sure I never miss a precious minute. It's a struggle, but a worthwhile one!

Every moment of our lives are precious, especially when it comes to moments with our beloved animals, our mindful guardians- who always strive to help us be more present in our lives.

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