Join us in learning more about the world from your dog's perspective. We will work on improving how we walk our dogs so that they are more enjoyable all around. Pack walks are also a great way to make walking, hiking, and running buddies in the community- human and canine!

1. Dogs may NOT meet each other- no nose to nose sniffing, greeting, or touching during class.We are not aware of all the dogs coming so we must respect each other's space. This helps keep everyone safe, and avoids creating conflicts or additional anxiety for nervous dogs. Allow every dog plenty of space and your dog will thank you for it even if they look like they would like to meet with another dog.


2.Watch your dog closely, you are ultimately responsible for them and any actions they take.

3. Please REGISTER prior to attending any pack walk

4. You may bring ONE dog to class per person. 

5. All dogs MUST BE ON LEASH - no more than 6 ft in length. DO NOT use an extendable or flexi leash which can cause problems if dogs become tangled in them.

6.Even though we're not having dogs meet up, please only bring dogs who are healthy and have current vaccinations.


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