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I am so happy to have found Val! My dog Rigby was very reactive and becoming less and less social with other dogs. Val’s approach was perfect for Rigby, as she really seeks to understand the individual dog and what works for them. I chose the board and train program to establish a good foundation for Rigby in a relatively short period of time. I was initially reluctant to send her away but she had the time of her life and learned a lot! Val sent updates every day and kept me informed of her progress. Val also spent a lot of time with me after the training to help me learn how to work with my dog on my own. This will be an on-going process but I feel comfortable with the plan, and well equipped to continue her training at home. I feel that although there is still work to be done, Val was able to really get Rigby on the right road in a much shorter period of time than I could have imagined!

Now Rigby seems happier, less reactive, and overall more relaxed. Rigby was so excited to see Val when she came for a recent training session. Val clearly really cares about the dogs and it shows! I would recommend her in a heartbeat. 

- Erika de Papp DVM & Rigby



"The Right Person For Hiram

Hiram has struggled with leash aggression since we got him 5 years ago. We've gone through countless training, day schools, and various tools. We knew insecurity was at the root of Hiram's aggression and Val was able to adapt perfectly to speak to his psyche. Hiram was part of Val's "Board and Train" program where he stayed with her for a month but came home on weekends. Val spent time with us each weekend going over what she did with Hiram during the previous week and gave us the tools and instruction to work on similar things while he was home. We were most impressed with Val's usage of the "Grade School" model where she did not hold Hiram to expectations he was not equipped to achieve yet. She did a fantastic job teaching us to do the same! Hiram is now a part of her Dog Camp where he gets to spend time with her and his friends getting all of his energy out. She's made herself super available to answer any questions we have and cares so much to see Hiram continue to grow and succeed.

Thank you Val!"


-Jordan, Sheila, & Hiram 


"Thank you Val for helping transition our 4 1/2 year old Vizsla, with anxiety and guarding issues, with the addition of 2 new puppies into our household (one ours and one our son’s). The three months of weekly in-home sessions gave me so many training techniques to add to my toolbox. I use the Intermediary bridge frequently when I see my Vizsla worried or bothered by something or a situation (like a puppy trying to lick her face). Having Val accessible in between sessions was invaluable as well as our weekly discussions about how the week went. Whenever I had an “instance” or new situation, she would advise me on how to handle it the next time.



The weekly summary emails were a wealth of information that I could (and still do) refer back to. When I reached out to Val, the food guarding (and guarding in general) was my main concern. She helped us navigate through a lot of the guarding issues while not being focused solely on that issue. She was right, a lot of the guarding tendencies (with toys and beds)fell away through the relaxation techniques. As far as the food guarding, we established different routines in the kitchen (no dogs allowed behind island) and feeding time (dogs are fed in their crates) to relieve the tension that food creates for her. I am able to have all 3 of them in front of me doing “tricks” side by side and getting treats side by side. I never thought that would be possible.I knew during my phone consultation with Val that she was a trainer that I wanted to work with. I related to her positive, fun approach. From week to week she builds on the prior weeks’ progress. I never had a problem incorporating the “training” into each day to practice what we learned. It was funfor me and it was honestly fun for the pups. I have learned so much about the emotional state of my dog(s) and how to read their body language."


-Jocelyn, & Teeka, Juice, & Sydney



"Val is the best! Our rescue Cattle Dog Zuzu struggles with meeting new people and is generally just very high strung in most situations. We tried obedience classes, all-positive trainers, heavily correctional trainers, and did lot's of our own research but nothing was working for us. Val's training method aims to get to the root of your dog's behavioral problems so you don't need a different trick for every situation. With past training we would leave a session feeling overwhelmed and confused but Val's program takes things slow so you can really learn the process and come to understand your pup. I used to think we would never be able to have people over or the Zuzu would be able to be around children or larger groups of people. If you stay consistent and put the work in you will definitely see results and feel supported along the way. Everyday is a work in progress but we now have the tools to feel more comfortable introducing Zuzu to strangers and having guests at our house. It's such a relief to know how to read our dogs' behaviors and respond accordingly."

-Alaena & Zuzu

Limington, ME



Val did a great job with our Golden Retriever puppy Nala!  She started a 4 week board and train at just over 6 months old and she is now 10 months old and she is doing great. She helped us build the foundation for training her we didn’t have the experience with and helped Nala and us both acquire the tools to build a great relationship.  Val picks them up at the beginning of the week and drops her off at the end for the the weekend! This was huge for us as it helped us with the flow of the work week and each Friday we would go over for an hour what she learned during the week and how we apply it to training.  Her obedience is coming along she will sit, wait, down, come, fetch, and maybe some others I am missing but her confidence is  growing!  Training has helped us get to a point where we can walk off leash with her and feel confident she will stay close and heel when necessary which besides having good obedience was one of my top things to get out of this training. We are very happy we chose Val as Nala’s and our trainer!!


-Ryan B. & Nala 



"I adopted two sibling puppies and within a few months they started  fighting,mostly over toys and food.Their fighting got so bad,they had to be separated in different rooms.  I wasn't sure what to do,having never experienced this before,everything I read said hire a trainer or rehome one of the dogs. After researching trainers and programs,I decided to try behavioral training to see if it would help their sibling rivalry.
Venture Doggie's training program was the perfect fit for us, the positive behavior training was just what I was looking for.It helped me to understand my dogs, how they were feeling and why they were behaving the way they were.  The program was easy to follow and my dogs quickly took to the rewarding,so it was easy to keep their attention during training.  I was able to practice the training with my dogs throughout the day with mini training sessions and they responded well to that. It was so convenient not to have to take them somewhere and they could learn in their own environment!
I'm so happy to say that now my dogs are doing great!I can read their body language to know how they are feeling.They no longer have to be separated and can play outside together.  Val has changed our lives with this program and I highly recommend it!


Thank you so much Val"

-Jill R., Axel & Zeke 



"We adopted our 2 year old dog named Pork Chop and realized quickly that he
constantly wanted attention; loved other dogs, but did not realize
they were giving him clues to back off and stop playing so hard- he
wanted to be best friends with every person he met, but approached too
happily and excited and did not understand how to do an appropriate
greeting without jumping.  We were having no luck in how to get him to
approach other people and dogs less excitedly and his constant need
for affection had escalated from barking and he was getting more
aggressive in nudging for attention.  When we walked him on the leash,
he would pull very hard to try to meet any dog or person he saw.

Val's 4 week board and train program did wonders for both Pork Chop
and us!  This well-designed program had Pork Chop stay with Val during
the week for his weekday training and then come home for the weekends.
As a result we didn't miss him as much, and when he came home on
Fridays, Val took time to train us too in what he had learned that week. She
also gave us stuff to work on with him on over the weekend to train us
all. Each week we could see noticeable changes in Pork Chop's
behavior and happiness and in turn, our sanity.  Not only was the
training working really well, but Pork Chop loved going back to Val.
When Sunday night came around he couldn't wait to jump in her car to
leave us!

Now, Pork Chop is a much better behaved dog.  He is able to
self-soothe himself and doesn't constantly need attention.  He is much
calmer when meeting new people and dogs and we continue to
improve. He no longer pulls on the leash to try to meet new people, and is calm on the leash when dogs are around.  Val also taught him how to recall and heel off-leash.

Val is extremely effective, knowledgeable, and compassionate.  It is
amazing the amount of impact and training she instilled in Pork Chop
in such a short time.  The additional helpful documents, videos, and
email support Val has provided during and after the training really
help to continue with his and our training.  We still refer back to
these resources for support.

With the intensive boarding and train and E-collar training, we were
worried that our Pork Chop would lose his personality, but not at all.
He is still our happy, loving, goofy Pork Chop.  Now we are all
happier because he can self-soothe himself and more appropriately
express when he wants attention. We can also walk him without him
pulling at every new dog or person he sees."

Thanks Val!
Paul and Deb, & Porkchop 

A true Maine mountain puppy #maine #pine

"The first time I used Venture Doggie was when my North American Chocolate Labrador, Buddy, was two years old. I was going to be traveling for an extended amount of time and was looking for someone who would keep him stimulated, up to date on his commands and teach him new skills. Val, Lewen and her Venture Doggie pack taught my dog things I never knew I was missing out on. Buddy came back knowing how to walk in a pack, sit and lay down in a full stay all while paying attention to me, waiting for his next command. 

Buddy is now four years old and has been back to Venture Doggie to brush up on his skills and to learn specific behavioral tactics that I need him to integrate into his every day.Val has also been a wonderful teacher to me, so I can keep up with Buddy’s skills and continue with our daily work. It is so reassuring to know how to handle my dog and feel confident in our skills as a team. Buddy and I are always continuing our growth. Buddy will be returning to Venture Doggie soon for a full lesson on recall training!"

Woofs and Hugs,

Maggie G. & Buddy

Darian, CT



Val is AMAZING!! I was referred by a coworker and I have a 5 year old lab mix and about a year old Great Dane. I saw a huge difference in both my dogs when Val started working with them on leash walking. My puppy, Emmy has improved so much and it’s all thanks to Val. She always sends me training updates about the girls. She truly loves dogs and loves her work. I would 100% recommend Val to anyone!

-Belle, Emmy & Ruby

Baldwin, ME



"I was looking for a better alternative to doggie daycare for my 3 yr old Cattle Dog and came across Venture Doggie. Sure glad I did! Valerie is knowledgeable, personable, and definitely cares for my girl. Muncie comes home exhausted and happy from her hike at day camp, and listens well after the training she is receiving in Valerie's care. Not to mention it takes very little effort from me because Valerie comes right to my home! I highly recommend Valerie and Venture Doggie!"


-Lauren & Muncie 

Standish, ME


"We worked with Val to help reduce our dog's anxiety and help him learn to relax. The car was our main concern, but she helped us identify other places he was getting anxious, and start with small steps to build up to working in the car. He is now doing much better at relaxing and remaining calm, and we feel more confident in curbing his anxiety before he gets worked up. Val was great to work with, and Koda loved her - we highly recommend her!"


-Spencer& Koda

Portland, ME



We couldn’t be happier with our experience with venture doggie! As Eloise got bigger she got more difficult to walk and her puppy behavior got harder to handle, at her puppy training class someone recommended Val to us and I am sooo happy they did! Eloise is now a dream to walk and it’s all thanks to Val she is such a natural and has the magic touch! Since getting Eloise in December last year we’ve had a dog walker, doggie daycare, and puppy training classes and I have to say I wish I skipped all those and went straight to venture doggie, she has a lot of experience and knowledge and Eloise is so much happier and so are we!

Emily & Eloise

Standish, ME



I am so thankful to have found Val! She started walking my dog Winnie when she was just a puppy which led to camp when Winnie was older. Val isn’t “just” a dog walker. She’s a dog enthusiast who teaches while she has the dogs in her care. She’s helped me along the way to be a more confident dog mom too. Winnie loves the time she spends with Val.

Sarah & Winnie

Standish, ME



"Val has an amazing connection with animals. Seeing the difference in my very excitable golden when she calmly takes him out the door was more than enough for me but then I saw my water averse chihuahua mix voluntarily went in the water?! Incredible! They are tired and happy when they come back from camp and I am happy they had a good time! Val is amazing and trustworthy and we are excited to go to camp every week!"


-Anna, Ben & Luna

Portland, ME

I am so thankful for all of my wonderful clients and their amazing dogs!
Thank you!
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