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Ready for a positive change?

Bring more peace and joy to

your life and your dog's!

Compassionate Effective Training
that solves behavior at it's root

Would you rather tell your dog what to do all the time,

or teach your dog to make the decisions you want them to on their own?

 I don't know about you, but I love when I have less work to do, and can trust my dog to make better decisions without me! 

After training and working with hundreds of dogs I have discovered that when I stopped focusing so much on what the dog was doing, and more on what they were thinking and feeling my results were better, lasted longer, and didn't require my presence later on! While obedience alone can provide short term solutions to behavior problems, it does not solve the root reason of why your dog behaves the way they do. It also means you will be training and managing your reactive dog for the rest of their life!

Dogs think, then feel, then act out a behavior. 

When we can change how a dog thinks and feels we can change how they behave for long lasting results -

so that you don't have to micro-manage your dog for the rest of their life! 

My training style is focused on your dog's mental and emotional state, because that is the root of their behavior! Through positive reinforcement, touch facilitated relaxation techniques, perception modification,

play, and yes, some obedience, we can teach your dog how to manage their stress and make decisions we agree with.

When your dog learns how to manage themselves you no longer need to be manager,

and you get to take a break !

Let's Solve It!

Create a Solid Foundation in your Puppy or Dog * Leash Reactivity * Inability to settle in your home * Jumping *Separation Anxiety *General Anxiety or Fear *Phobias * Resource Guarding * Shyness * Fearfulness * Vet Visit Comfort * Husbandry Issues- nail clipping, grooming, etc * Excessive barking * Recall Leash Pulling * Housebreaking * Dog Reactivity * Calm Greetings with Friends and Strangers * Reactivity * Aggression *

Obedience Behaviors *Heel *Place *Sit * Stay *Off Leash Reliability *Recall 


Free Evaluation Call

Unsure what's right for you?

Contact us so we can help answer your questions and direct you. You can book a free 20 minute call or email us at

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Private In-Home Training

I travel to your home for training. Prior to starting training you will receive handouts and videos to review before we meet, to maximize our time together.  If you don't live in the area remote training is also available.


Board & Train

To determine if your dog would benefit from a board and train requires an initial evaluation. If you live too far for an in-home evaluation remote options are available.

For  videos and pictures click below!

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