Need help with your dog's behavior?

Find out more about how Venture Doggie will help you and your dog accomplish your training goals. We work to help your dog find more joy, experience a better outlook on life, and address the root of behavioral problems for lasting change and better mental health. 

Dog Training the way life should be

        from Hiram to Portland, Maine...

We adopt dogs for companionship, trust, and to have venture buddies! Unfortunately, our rescue dogs often experience anxiety, fear, and a lack of confidence. The good new is we can help them!

Help your dog discover how beautiful life can be when they learn to find calm, confidence, and safety. 


Ruby & Emmie 



"Val is AMAZING!! I was referred by a coworker and I have a 5 year old lab mix and about a year old Great Dane. I have seen a huge difference in both my dogs since Val has started working with them. My puppy, Emmy has improved so much and it’s all thanks to Val. She truly loves dogs and loves her work.

I would 100% recommend Val to anyone!"

-Belle D.,Emmy,Ruby




Val has an incredible amount of patience. She really takes the time it actually takes to train dogs, and she does so with compassion. Meeting dogs where they are, she is great at intuiting what approaches and levels of training are most effective at that time, and she shines at building on that.

Having had riding lessons from her in the past, I can say that she's also very patient with people! She was awesome at teaching me how to be a better rider not only by explaining to me what I can do better, but by informing me about the animal itself and the psychological aspects of working with animals.

-Julie B. & Bonnie 

Behavior Modification & Training to solve

Puppy problems - Jumping - Inability to settle in the home -Leash Reactivity- Lack of focus -Territorial Aggression -Escaping the home - Recall- Excessive barking -Leash Pulling - Sudden reactivity- Perception Modification to Phobias- Dog Socialization- Interspecies Socialization - Shyness- Fearfulness- Veterinary Visit Comfort -Resource Guarding- Housebreaking- Anxiety-  

Venture Doggie utilizes the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) System

developed by Mark McCabe.

Training is positive, gentle, and catered to the pace of

your dog's skill set. 


Servicing Hiram, Standish, Gorham, Windham, & Portland ME


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