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Training Application Form
I am aware that the Board & Train programs and one-on-one sessions are a head-start to all the continued work my dog & I will have when they return home or when our session is over. Dog training is a lifestyle, not a quick fix and I understand this is a team effort. I will embrace the changes needed to be made at home for my dog & I to be successful, long term!
I am interested in....

Photo/Video Release I hereby assign and grant to Venture Doggie the right and permission to use, reproduce, distribute, and publish the photograph(s), film(s), videotape(s), audio and video recording(s), electronic representation(s) and/or sound recording(s) made of me and/or my dog(s) at any time during  training sessions and/or boarding of my dog(s) by Venture Doggie, and I hereby release Venture Doggie from any and all liability resulting from such use, reproduction, distribution, and publication. Please check box below and write your name and initials, indicating that you have read these terms and Agree to this Photo/Video release Agreement. *

Thank you for your application!

I look forward to working with you and your dog!

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