For best results please watch all videos and read all materials prior to our first training session. Please fill out all required paperwork and send in ahead of our training session to make the most of our time. 

Please do not share this link. 

Required paperwork

Please read & fill out all required paperwork

then print and email these to

prior to our first session. 

Required videos & Reading

Read and watch in the order things are presented videos and documents 1 through 9 and please don't hesitate to reach out with questions!


1.)Intro to Training

See Melting the Mountain Worksheet above

2.)Charging your marker word


2.1)6 Things to Bridge & Reward by Marc McCabe 

3.)Treat Recommendations

I highly recommend using Happy Howies for your treats in this training. If possible purchase prior to our first session.

You can find Happy Howies on or www.

4.)Differential Reinforcement for Relaxation (DRR)

5.)Behavioral Down

6.)Free Shaping

7.)Squirt Bottle

8.)The Scoring Rubric- watch & follow with sheet under link:

        Scoring Rubric #1

        Scoring Rubric #2

8.)Read Prior to Meeting & After Videos 



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