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How will training help my dog?

Venture Doggie's training methods are based in behavior and perception modification techniques. I determine the root cause of your dog's behavioral issue(s) and not only promote change in unwanted behaviors through positive methods, but also teach your dog  to think more optimistically in the process.

We want to transmute the anxiety, fear, aggression, or panic your dog is experiencing into a new perspective on the world.

A positive perspective, that seeks out relaxation and calm behavior! 

Through this training process, together, we will teach your dog to seek and enjoy relaxation, to think more optimistically about the world, and to feel good about changes happening around them. 

You will see weekly results in your dog!

I take things at the pace of the learner, and make sure that you never feel on your own. With video, written, and text support you will have access to support throughout the entire training process. 

When followed, this process is a true system that guarantees results!

I follow an inverted classroom style, meaning that you will have access to supplemental videos and training materials prior to your first lesson.

Many clients start seeing results before we have even met in person for our first training session! 

It is important that you believe in this training process as much as I do!

So feel free to reach out, compare, and ask around. Once you train with this system you will have a system that works for you and your dog for life! 

To start training choose one option below


I conveniently travel to you for training, and give you the peace of mind you are looking for to reach the results you want with your dog! Want your dog to listen to you better? Want your dog to be less fearful, reactive, or defensive? Need more support and guidance in training with your dog? This initial session gets you started so that you can be successful in all of your training goals with your dog and reach the results that you want!


Not sure where to start with training, or how training can help your dog? Let's chat!

Get the support you need for your dog, and get a solid plan of action for training your dog.


With the reality of Covid 19 many people are seeking out remote training. Start training from the safety and convenience of your home! With videos, handouts, and continuing support lets get you and your dog started on the right track towards training success that brings the results you want!


Board and trains are designed to create a strong foundation in training for your dog without the extra work from you! Your dog will learn to reliably come back when called, walk nicely on leash, and listen to you better! Interested in a board and train to make your life easier? Schedule an evaluation so we can get you and your pup off to the right start! 


Servicing Hiram, Standish, Gorham, Windham, & Portland ME


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