Teaching owners how to have a healthy relationship with their dog

based on compassion, biological fulfillment, clarity, and mutual understanding

Achieve your training goals once and for all 
Do you want a dog who is RELIABLE off leash? A dog who can calmly greet dogs and people? Do you wish your dog could walk nicely on leash with you? Do you want your dog to be able to relax on cue and in response to stress? 
Learn how to teach your dog to manage their stress so that they are no longer aggressive, fearful, hyperactive, or defensive in response to their "triggers". Communicate with your dog in a holistic and compassionate way that allows you to finally trust your dog to listen to you!

Based in Southern Maine, I offer professional In-Home Private Dog Training , Dog Camp Adventure Daycare, Board and Train Programs, and Group Classes. 

Private training brought right to your home! I service most of the southern Maine area including Windham, the Portland area, Standish, Gorham, and more! 

A true Maine mountain puppy #maine #pine

Personalized board & train programs for your dog! Your dog will be trained while living with me in my home in Hiram, ME

 Limited availability!


Off Leash Adventure Daycare focused on dog socialization! Limited number of privileged spots available for dogs who are friendly, and off leash reliable. 

Let's take a hike!

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"I was looking for a better alternative to doggie daycare for my 3 yr old Cattle Dog and came across Venture Doggie. Sure glad I did! Valerie is knowledgeable, personable, and definitely cares for my girl. Muncie comes home exhausted and happy from her hike at day camp, and listens well after the training she is receiving in Valerie's care. Not to mention it takes very little effort from me because Valerie comes right to my home! I highly recommend Valerie and Venture Doggie!"


-Lauren & Muncie 

Standish, ME


"Val has an amazing connection with animals. Seeing the difference in my very excitable golden when she calmly takes him out the door was more than enough for me but then I saw my water averse chihuahua mix voluntarily went in the water?! Incredible! They are tired and happy when they come back from camp and I am happy they had a good time! Val is amazing and trustworthy and we are excited to go to camp every week!"


-Anna, Ben & Luna

Portland, ME


Val is AMAZING!! I was referred by a coworker and I have a 5 year old lab mix and about a year old Great Dane. I saw a huge difference in both my dogs when Val started working with them on leash walking. My puppy, Emmy has improved so much and it’s all thanks to Val. She always sends me training updates about the girls. She truly loves dogs and loves her work. I would 100% recommend Val to anyone!

-Belle, Emmy & Ruby

Baldwin, ME