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I believe in solid foundations and
specialize in treating hyper, anxious,fearful, and reactive dogs.

Are you a dedicated dog owner, who wants to significantly improve and resolve your dog's challenges so that you can both live a better life?
Are you a committed dog owner who wants to get the best start on training for your pup?

You've come to the right place!

I specialize in reactive, fearful, and anxious dogs.
 I also commonly work with puppies and family dogs to build up foundation skills
so you can both live your best lives together!


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recommends Venture Doggie

Train with Val 

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Let me help you learn new skills and techniques to transform your dog's excited, fearful, reactive, or anxious behavior, into calm and confidence! No matter where you are starting from with dedication and guidance you can develop a skill set that will support you and your dog no matter the issue. Together we will create more of the behavior you want so that you and your pup can live stress-free and experience more joy and freedom together!

To learn more about my approach register for my FREE class today!
dogs dog day care dog training
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recommends Venture Doggie

Training Options

Watch my FREE Masterclass to discover crucial mistakes to avoid in training

Get Started!


Book an In-Person Initial Session at your home. Available within 1hr of Hiram ME

Book a Remote Initial Session hosted over zoom, or Facetime. 
Board & Trains are available to particular dogs
dogs dog day care dog training
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recommends Venture Doggie

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