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Adventure Day Camp:

Venture Doggie is dedicated to dogs and people living their best lives in harmony, and showing people what their dogs are capable of!

This all starts with reaching animals at the thought and emotional level.

To find true balance we need to balance mental and physical health first and then we can address behavior. At day camp structured outdoor adventures are provided to encourage appropriate play, and teach dogs self control in a natural environment. Your dog will learn to calm down more easily, listen better, and experience the health and behavioral benefits camp provides-

all while playing with doggie friends and enjoying nature!

Training Philosophy:

Venture Doggie follows the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) System developed by Mark McCabe. This system incorporates behavior and perception modification to teach your dog to enjoy life in a more relaxed way by choice. Dog's are given more resourceful coping mechanisms to deal with stress and frustration and learn to enjoy relaxing in the presence of triggers that would typically cause them to react in a distressed or hyperactive way. This positive, gentle training system is powerful and provides dogs and their humans with information and a language system that strengthens your relationship to create lasting change. No more micro-managing your dog, enjoy a dog who can make the right decisions on their own! 



Put simply, animals fascinate me! I am the owner of Venture Doggie LLC, a professional dog trainer, veterinary assistant, cowgirl, and life long student! I have lived all over the world perfecting my craft in the training of dogs and horses, and live to learn more about these amazing animals!

I have apprenticed with Rhonda Bilodeau of Vermont Dog Pack for 4 years and learn from and follow Mark McCabe's Training Between the Ears (TBTE) System. My passions are dogs and horses and understanding everything about them!I have been

Lewen "wild man"

Lewen is an Australian Cattle Dog and was most likely born in October of 2013. I discovered him on a highway while living in Colorado, and it was love at first sight. I always say he is a guardian angel that was sent to me!

It is an understatement to say that this dog has taught me something. He has become a stellar camp leader, my best friend, and the world's best teacher. There is not a day that I don't thank the universe for bringing him into my life. He continues to teach me how to improve in day to day life, and professionally. He is my heart, and my soul mate. He enjoys herding, biking, agility, running, and fetching frisbees. He's up for all of it if you are, and always tries his very best!

Meet Valerie
Valerie Naegele & Lewen
Owners of Venture Doggie LLC

riding and working with horses for over 20 years and ride in almost every discipline. I love snowboarding, hiking, cooking, beer and adventures- all of which go better if my dog Lewen and my horse Dusty are with me! Connecting with animals, nature, and people is what keeps me learning and always striving to do better. I can't really talk about myself without talking about my animals so here they are... 

Dusty "my dusky rose"

Dusty is an American Quarter Horse and the sweetest mare I have ever met, and yet another incredible animal guide and teacher in my life. She has taught me not to ever let anything seem impossible, and that small details are everything in life! She adds magic, play, fun, and love into my life- we enjoy cantering the trails near the barn and are working on goals in Western Dressage, Positive Reinforcement Training, and eventually bareback and bridle-less riding! We play with natural horsemanship and liberty work, as well as jumping. If it has to do with horses we are up for learning it! We follow and learn from Mustang Maddy and Stacy Westfall <3. 

Benjamin & Luna


"Val has an amazing connection with animals. Seeing the difference in my very excitable golden when she calmly takes him out the door was more than enough for me but then I heard my water averse chihuahua mix voluntarily went in the water?! Incredible! They are tired and happy when they come back and I am happy they had a good time. Val is amazing and trustworthy and we are excited

to go to camp every week!"

-Anna, Ben & Luna

What people are Saying....



"I was looking for a better alternative to doggie daycare for my 3 yr old Cattle Dog and came across Venture Doggie. Sure glad I did! Valerie is knowledge, personable and definitely cares for my girl. Muncie comes home exhausted from her hike as well as the training she is receiving in Valerie's care. And not to mention it takes very little effort from me because Valerie comes right to my home! I highly recommend Valerie and Venture Doggie and am looking forward to what's to come!"

-Lauren Carpenter & Muncie 


Servicing Hiram, Standish, Gorham, Windham, & Portland ME


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