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How to Succesfully Train Your Dream Dog More Effectively With More Compassion In Less Time

A FREE class hosted by :
Valerie Naegele

Inside, I'm sharing...

  • My signature training approach to resolving

    • Jumping & pulling on leash

    • Over reacting to people, other dogs, or wildlife

    • Inability to calm down

    • Excessive barking 

    • Fear, Nervousness, Anxiety

    • Your dog ignoring you 

  • Crucial mistakes to avoid when training your dog anything 

  • The secret to success in training that will save you YEARS of your time!!

  • Why it's better to follow a training system that looks at the big picture and your whole dog, not just their problems and current behavior

  • How to actually achieve your training goals, so you can live the dream life you've always envisioned with your best furry friend!



I'm Val and this is

my best friend Lewen!

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