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Meet Val


Valerie Naegele is the owner of Venture Doggie LLC and has over 20 years of animal care experience. She pursued her M.S in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology at the University of Innsbruck in Innsbruck, Austria and her B.S in Environmental Biology at SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY.

She has had passion for animals since birth and was originally studying to become a veterinarian... until she found training and fell in love! She worked as a veterinary technician at both animal shelters and veterinary hospitals in Colorado and New Hampshire and oversaw the care of hundreds of dogs a year. She has been riding and working with horses for over 20 years and cannot get enough! Horses, riding, and Dogs are her biggest passions in life. She is a lifelong student who always strives to learn more and keep getting better. She is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals International Association of Behavioral Consultants

Valerie has years of formal behavioral dog training studying under Mark McCabe's Training Between the Ears System through her continued apprenticeship with Rhonda Bilodeau of VT Dog Pack.

She has completed additional courses and workshops in

  • Rhonda Bilodeau's year long dog trainers program

  • Service Dog Training with Victoria Warfel

  • Zero to CD Obedience with Hannah Brannigan

  • Obedience and Behavior training courses through Michael Ellis & Ivan Balabanov

  • Play is the Way with Jay Jack

  • Workshop with Linn Boyke

  • Positive reinforcement for horses with Madison Shambaugh (Mustang Maddy)

  • Horse Training with Stacy Westfall

  • Horse Training with Feather Light Academy with Yvet Blokesch

  • Horse Training with Amelia Newcomb Dressage

  • Weekly Riding and Horse Training Lessons

Meet Valerie's Guardians


Lewen is an Australian Cattle Dog and was most likely born in October of 2013. Valerie discovered him on a highway while living in Colorado, and it was love at first sight. She always says he is her guardian angel that was sent to her, because he has brought so many beautiful things into her life!Including starting a dog training business!

She likes to say he is her whole heart. 

He enjoys herding, biking, agility, running, and fetching frisbees!


Dusty is an American Quarter Horse and the sweetest mare you will ever meet! She is yet another incredible animal guide, and teacher in Valerie's life. They focus on the Academic Art of Riding, Clicker Training, Trail Riding and long walks together with Lewen. Dusty is getting older, so the focus is more on relationship and making her life as enjoyable, strong, and rich as possible. 



Zara is a 5 year old off-thetrack Throughbred and quite the athlete! She is another incredible animal guide, and teacher in Valerie's life. The star in her sky. Their focus is currently in dressage, the academic art of riding, groundwork, and in the future cross-country eventing! Together they make an incredible team, and enjoy bonding on the ground, in the saddle, over carrots, and just being around one another. 

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