Venture Doggie is dedicated to dogs and people living their best lives in harmony!

Through structured outdoor adventures Venture Doggie Camp provides structured hiking, appropriate play, and a natural environment for your pup so they can feel more balanced in daily life. Your dog will learn to regulate their emotions, control arousal levels, and experience the health and behavioral benefits camp provides.

Through training Venture Doggie incorporates behavior and perception modification to teach your dog to enjoy life in a more relaxed way by choice. Dog parents are supported with information to create stronger relationships with their canine pals through camp and training. This allows you to enjoy more time with your dog relaxing, and less time feeling guilty about not having the time you would like to spend with your best pal.

Meet Val

Put simply, animals fascinate me! I am the owner of Venture Doggie LLC, a professional dog trainer, veterinary assistant, and life long student! I have lived all over the world perfecting my craft in the training of dogs and horses, and live to learn more about these amazing animals!

I always thought I would be a veterinarian, and pursued an M.S In Molecular Biology to fulfill that path, but once I got deeply into animal behavior I knew I had found my true calling. My greatest teachers have, and always will be, the animals themselves. When I am not riding a horse, I am hiking with a pack of dogs who will always teach

Owner of Venture Doggie

Valerie Naegele

me more than I imagined. One of my greatest teachers has been my personal dog, Lewen (his story below), who has helped me to become more present, patient, and determined in meeting all of my goals with animals. I believe that every moment is a teaching moment when you are with an animal. Ironically it is almost always the human aspect that needs wrangling! Animals humble us, they reflect us, and they show us what life is all about. As I grow as a professional dog trainer I invite you to ask yourself the question, why does my dog do that? Perhaps the answer you find will connect you more closely with the animals in your life, as it has in mine. 

Meet Lewen

a.k.a "little man" "wild man"

Lewen is an Australian Cattle Dog and was most likely born in October of 2013. I discovered him on a highway while living in Colorado, and it was love at first sight. He did not appear to have ever lived in a house when I first took him home, and let's just say he was a bit rough around the edges! 

It is an understatement to say that this dog has taught me something. 

With dedication and consistent, patient training he has become a stellar camp leader, my best friend, and the world's best teacher. There is not a day that I don't thank the universe for bringing him into my life. He continues to teach me how to improve in day to day life, and professionally. He enjoys herding, biking, agility, running, and fetching frisbees. He's up for all of it if you are!


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