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Remote Group Class

Discover how to get your dog to listen to you every time with less barking, pulling, jumping, & "selective" hearing-
all using positive training methods!

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Common Questions

What will this class cover ?

This class will cover the foundation training skills necessary for you and your dog to communicate fluidly. We will use positive based training methods to teach your dog how to target, sit, and walk easily on leash. You will learn how to properly time your communication, and how to create true language with your dog so you both understand how to communicate with one another. 

What is included with sign up?

4 classes + supplemental videos and information, email support during month of class

How many people will be in my class? 

This class will include no more than 8 people 

Are there limits on which dogs can attend?

Nope! Any dog can join! If your dog barks a lot you will need to mute your audio, but you can still join!

What do I need to sign up?

A 6ft leash, treat pouch, lots of small soft treats (zukes recommended), and a reliable internet connection, a quiet place to do training uninterrupted - preferably inside, a Gmail account we will be meeting on Google Meet

When will class be held?

November 2023 Tuesday nights at 7pm

What training methods will be used?

Positive reinforcement 

What if my dog barks a lot?

That's ok! You will just need to mute your audio until it is your turn. If they bark during your turn no problem! We just want to make sure everyone can hear while class is going on. 

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