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My Dream Dog

Stop wasting time, and patience on DIY dog training and start training more effectively, clearly, and compassionately with expert coaching every step of the way

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Inside The My Dream Dog Course you will get everything you need to resolve your dog's "bad behavior" so that you can start living the life you always wanted with your dog!

A life with more freedom, certainty, trust, and compassion, and less frustration, guilt, and doubt.

Join today — doors close soon!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You want to feel secure taking your dog more places, knowing that they will listen to you and make you proud 

  • You want to trust your dog in more situations, but don't know how 

  • You have too much information, and feel overwhelmed about how to approach training your dog

  • You feel uncertain when it comes to handling specific issues with your dog

  • Your current dog feels like the first dog that has challenged you this much, and it feels frustrating which makes you mad and then you feel guilty for being mad!

  • You're tired of feeling like nothing is working, and that you have to do this alone

  • You're tired of worrying about what could go wrong, and having to constantly manage your dog

  • You're tired of avoiding other people or dogs because of your dog's reactivity (4A.M walks anyone?)

  • You wish there was a way to train your dog that you felt good about and that connected you both in a way that feels fun!

Good news!

I help my clients with those same problems every single day.


...And if you're like any of them, you've probably made

some of the same mistakes.


Mistakes like...

Dog Portrait

Focusing on

"The Problem"

instead of the skills

The focus should always be on developing your dog's skill set rather than just addressing specific behavior problems. By teaching your dog skills you give them more tools to handle the emotional problems that develop into behavioral problems. This leads to overall behavioral improvement, less anxiety, a more peaceful life and a stronger bond between you and your dog. 

Dog by the Beach

Training in the Wrong Environment

Setting your dog up for success might be one of the most important things you do in training. However, it can also be one of the most difficult pieces of training to understand. How do you know when it's good to introduce a challenge and when not to? How do you know if your dog is ready? In the My Dream Dog Course we will not only address these questions, but also give you a system of how to introduce challenges and triggers.

Wet dog in water

Cherry Picking

Training Methods

If you find yourself constantly addressing one training problem only to have another crop up, it may be because you are cherry-picking training methods instead of employing a holistic approach. Just like trying to teach a child soccer by mixing techniques from various other sports, it can lead to confusion and frustration for your dog. The My Dream Dog Course takes a comprehensive look at your dog's temperament, diet, lifestyle, and more, focusing on a proven system to address behavior issues at their root and achieve your training goals effectively using a whole system rather than a few tips and tricks.

My Dream Dog.jpg

Imagine If...

  • You could take your dog more places

  • You felt proud of your dog out in public and proud of yourself!

  • You could finally feel in control of your dog and be able to trust them in more situations and places to allow you more freedom and fun together!

  • You could actually look forward to activities with your dog you haven't been able to do in the past 

  • You felt comfortable and confident when company comes over 

  • You felt certain your dog would listen to you

  • You knew how to support your dog in any situation

...all by getting the support

you and your dog need

In the My Dream Dog Course 

Join today! Doors are closing soon!

Today only...
When you join My Dream Dog today you get access to
Free One on One support!
Send your training questions to for free training advice for you and your dog!

Who is this right for?

This is for you if...


  • You are a dedicated dog owner willing to try something new

  • You are willing to change from what you previously learned

  • You are committed to implementing techniques that will take your training goals to the next level 

  • You care about your dog's emotional well-being as much as you care about changing their current problem behavior(s)

This is not for you if...

  • You’re not willing to commit or open up to a new process

  • You prefer to get random tips and tricks from around the web rather than a cohesive program strategy from experts

  • You’re not interested in changing your current training strategy

  • You don't prioritize your dog's needs as much as your own

  • Want someone else to do the work for you

  • Not ready to take action


Hey I'm Val!

"I'm a professional dog trainer who helps committed dog owners overcome training struggles with their dog so
that they can live the joyful, care-free, adventurous life they always wanted with their dream dog!

I started my journey as a former veterinary assistant with aspirations of attending vet school, but fate had other plans when a chance encounter with a cattle dog on a Colorado highway led me into the world of dog training. My dog Lewen and his past aggression and reactivity ignited my passion for understanding and addressing canine behavior, and I've been immersed in it ever since.

Beyond my unexpected foray into dog training, I'm also a devoted mom to two horses, with a lifelong love affair with all things equestrian spanning 25 years.

My animals aren't just pets; they're my greatest teachers. Through them, I've realized that animal training isn't just about shaping their behavior; it's a profound journey of personal growth. They've shown me that by transforming our habits, we can transform our entire lives for the better. 

I've worked with countless canines, and their people guiding them to more peaceful joyful lives together.  I see myself as a 'human trainer,' helping people make the necessary habit changes to achieve their goals and successes with their furry companions.

In essence, my work isn't just about training dogs; it's about facilitating transformative connections and empowering both humans and animals alike to thrive together."

Why I created this ...

"...I wanted to share what I have learned with more people so that they could experience more freedom, joy, and peace with their otherwise reactive, overexcited, uncontrollable, or aggressive dogs; like I was able to with my own dog. Through the My Dream Dog course I am able to share more information with more people. I truly believe that the dogs in our lives are really here to teach us something. To make us more aware of how we operate in the world and all the ways that we can change and grow with them on our journey together. Training is a very sacred and transformative experience to me. It's the process of building a deep heartfelt connection with another living creature and it's something anyone with a dog should be able to experience!..."

Valerie Naegele

Venture Doggie LLC

My Dream Dog 


What's Inside ...
The My Dream Dog Course

Module 1.jpg

Module 1: Orientation

  • Training assessment to determine where you currently are

  • Guided Goal worksheet to determine where you would like to go

  • Training schedule that incorporates habit stacking principles & structure to ensure your success and eliminate overwhelm

  • Access our private Facebook community where you get

    • An accountability buddy to keep you accountable

    • A place where you can get all your questions answered

    • Access monthly LIVE coaching calls.

Module 2: Lifestyle, Structure, & Environment

  • This module is all about learning how to set you and your dog up for success by making training a part of your lifestyle and daily structure

  • We delve into the role that exercise, diet, environment, safety, development, and genetics will play in training and your dog's behavior

  • You will also learn my unique way of approaching training by starting with the nervous system and how stress causes imbalance and how we can re center using training techniques that direct the mind, body, and spirit. 

Module 3: How Your Dog Learns

  • In this module you will learn how your dog learns and how factors like motivation and stress affect learning

  • How to set up training so that your dog can learn no matter what so you get better training done and therefore reach your goals faster

  • You will understand how to create clarity for you and your dog so you both know what is desired in different situations

  • How to use rewards in training to communicate with your dog

  • How to use a leash in training as a communication tool so you and your dog can walk enjoyably together!

​Module 4: The Centered Training Approach

My signature approach to dog training that gives a unique perspective on how to look at training with your dog so you know when you are going off track.


The Centered Training Approach™ is a map to success for you and your dog. It centralizes your focus on moments when you or your dog become imbalanced and how you can use skills outlined in this course to return to a balanced state.

This leads to lasting results, more confidence for you and your dog, and compassionate patient methods toward reaching goals with your dog that last.

Learn how to train from the inside out, starting with your dog's nervous system and why this is more effective than starting with obedience or physical behavior which is an outside in approach

Module 5: Skill Building Through Patterns
Learn and perform exercises to teach your dog how to recover from stress, excitement, or fear more quickly for a more confident and resilient dog! This means a dog who can listen to you better, focus more easily, and do more with you confidently!

  • Learn Calming Exercises in the Classroom to teach your dog strategies to gain more self control that help them want to focus and listen to you better

  • Learn Energizing Exercises in the Classroom to teach your dog how to maintain self control, focus, and listening skills when they are energized and how to gain their attention no matter where you are!

  • Learn how to pattern these exercises together to create more stress tolerance and resilience to stressors in the environment so that you can take your dog all the places you always wanted to!

  • Learn how to start adding obedience into these exercises to make obedience training fun for you and your dog!

Module 6: Communication Breakdown

  • This module does a deep dive into all the different ways we can "cue" and communicate with our dogs

  • You will learn how to be more clear in your requests to avoid conflict, confusion, and frustration and instead embrace deeper connection and clarity between you and your dog 

  • You will learn all the different ways to give cues and how your intention, emotions, and energy can also be a cue -Actually the goal is to have these be your cues, so you can be a magical dog whisperer to!

  • You will learn how to use reinforcement with your dog to maintain behaviors you like so they don't fade away

Module 1.jpg
Module 1.jpg

Module 7:Obedience, Leash Walking, & the 3 D's

  • You will learn how to use rewards to create the behavior you want

  • You will learn how to use a leash to create the behavior you want

  • You will learn how to teach loose leash walking and good leash manners to your dog

  • You will learn how to use patterns to create relaxation on walks for you and your pup

  • You will learn The 3 D's- Distance, Duration, & Distractions and when to level up or down for success with your dog

Module 1.jpg

Module 8: Creating Safe Boundaries

You will learn how to:

  • Create clear boundaries your dog understands when guests come in to prevent jumping and rushing at guests

  • Create boundaries in and out of doors around house and out of car so your dog doesn't run out the door and get lost, or end up in situations that threaten safety 

Join today! Doors are closing soon!

There's More! You'll Also Get... 

Skill Checklist and Review ($100) - Know what skills to have before moving on to the next step. Learn when it's time to level up or level down with your dog for faster results

Monthly LIVE Q&A calls

($300 value) so you can get your questions answered on a call and hear other people's questions and solutions.

Facebook Community! ($1500 value) a community of individuals going through the same program so you can get your questions answered, and meet other people going through the program as well!

The Centered Training Approach

($3500 value) My signature approach to dog training for dog owners who want lasting feel-good success

"Make Training A Habit" Schedule Hack ($500 value) Learn how to structure your time with your dog for the best results on a schedule that works for you. This will give you a daily schedule so you can easily make training a lifestyle habit with your dog rather than extra work 

Today only...

When you join My Dream Dog 

you get:

Access to Free One on One support!

Send your training questions for you dog to for a free evaluation

for you and your dog!

$5900 Value 

Get started today for just $397

or wait until the price goes up!

My Dream Dog.jpg
Have any questions?

Can I really learn to train my dog online?

Yes! My online courses feature me talking to the camera directly, or show me working with various different dogs so that you can get all the theory you need for why we are doing something, and observe "the how" through video. I actually find this more effective since it requires people try the work more themselves and gives you more time to allow information to sink in and experiment with the process. You can also watch videos as many times as needed, which you would be unable to do at an in-person session. You can also move at your own pace which makes online courses a great way to teach and learn dog training since it really should be done at your dog's pace.

How long will it take me to see results?

This is very dependant on how consistent you are in your training and your skill level. Since you are most likely just starting out it will take you time to learn skills correctly, and then you will have to teach those skills to your dog. There are two learners involved in the process of dog training so daily dedication and consistency are VERY important. Your results also depend on where your dog is starting from, your dog's genetics, and the extent of their behavioral issues and your goals with your dog.

Is this course good for puppies?

Yes! This course is a great start for a puppy, or an older dog who has done previous training. This course is great for any dog regardless of their age, breed, or disposition. This course will not detail puppy specific issues like house training, but will incorporate all the skills necessary to teach your puppy to be a model citizen. You can also ask more specific puppy questions in the facebook or during a Q&A.

Do I need anything for this course?

Lots of small, soft, treats with healthy ingredients. I recommend specific 6ft and 15ft flat leashes (not round rope types), and otherwise you should be good!

What is your refund policy?

14-day Money-back Guarantee If the My Dream Dog Course does not create positive changes in your dog within 14 days of course release, simply email me with your issue, and a video of you completing the exercises outlined in the Exercises Module, and I will issue you a full refund.

Is there a place I can ask questions and get help?

Yes! There is a facebook community group where you can share videos and questions to get feedback on your training journey! You can also meet other people in the group going through the course with you so you are all on the same page. There will also be monthly Q&A's that I will run to answer questions LIVE. Having this added support and ability to get feedback and answer questions is a huge determinant of success and will definitely help support you on your training journey with your dog!

How long will I have access to this course?

You get lifetime access!

Will this course always be this price?

No. This is the first time I am releasing this course so it is being sold at a highly discounted rate. As the course runs and I can improve it based on student feedback it will continue to improve and therefore be sold at a higher price in the future. However, if you sign up now you get lifetime access which means you will share in the improved benefits as the course grows and improves over the years!

Still have questions?

Email questions to if they have not been answered here 

14-day Money-back Guarantee
If the My Dream Dog Course does not create positive changes in your dog within 14 days of course release, simply email me with your issue, and a video
of you completing the exercises outlined, and I will issue you a full refund.

If you've read this far...

You have two options:

1.)Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it all out on your own...


2.)Finally have a proven system for creating positive change in your dog and leave behavior problems in the past!

Imagine where you could be just one month from now...

living that dream with your dream dog!

  • You're ready to change your dog's "bad behavior"

  • You're ready to stop wasting time and energy on the wrong things

  • You're ready to start training your dog in a way that brings you both more freedom and joy

  • You're ready for a way to achieve confidence, trust, certainty, and reliability in your dog

  • You're ready to start feeling confident in knowing how to handle any situation with your dog

You're ready for the My Dream Dog Course.

I am ready for the My Dream Dog Course!

My Dream Dog.jpg

Join Today! Doors close soon and then the price goes up!

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