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Puppy Training Programs

Thank you Val for helping transition our 4 year old Vizsla, with anxiety and guarding issues, to accept the addition of 2 new puppies into our household! (one ours and one our son’s)...

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Which program is best for you and your puppy?

Depending on your goals,
and the level of direct help you prefer, puppy training programs differ
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Imagine if your puppy could calmly greet people, and easily relax around the house!

Right now you may feel embarrassed to have friends and family over because of the chaos that ensues-

your puppy might scratch and jump, have accidents in the house, mouth or nip, or bark uncontrollably! You worry that when grandma, or the toddler come over they may get hurt because of your puppy's little shark teeth!

Imagine if your puppy could calmly and quietly greet guests and then go relax so you could feel proud of your puppy.

Right now your puppy might alert or bark at noises when they are hanging at the house. They may even pace around the house looking for something to do.

Maybe exercise is the only way you can get your puppy to just chill out! What if your puppy enjoyed relaxing and sought it out more on their own without exercise?

This program is typically completed in 6 weeks or less


Unlimited trainer support throughout the duration of the program, I am just a text away for any issues, so you don't have to wait until our next lesson!

  • Conveniently takes place at your home so that you don't have to drive anywhere

  • Every session is followed with a training schedule guide and homework

  • Includes all training equipment

  • RESULTS: Your puppy will be calm and relaxed at home

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Do you wish that not only could your puppy be calm and relaxed at home, but they could also be this way on leash?

Imagine if your puppy could calmly walk on leash beside you, rather than pulling you toward every person, dog, car, or squirrel that goes by. What if you're worried that your puppies fear or anxiety may develop into problems like aggression or over reacting later down the road?

Right now your puppy may have selective hearing when you ask them to do something. What if you could trust them to listen to you even around distractions?

Imagine the freedom you could enjoy with your puppy if you could go more places together and you could count on them to behave.

This popular program is typically completed in 8 weeks or less


  • Everything from the Boot straps program plus...

    • 3 BONUS jumpstart days for faster results and to give you less homework

    • 1 YEAR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT- for extra help or training sessions down the road

  • RESULTS: A puppy that is calm and relaxed at home, doesn't pull on leash, and can listen to you around distractions on leash

Imagine if you enjoyed no-pull, chaos free walks with your puppy, and they could listen to you & calm down even around distractions

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Imagine if you could trust your puppy on and off-leash anywhere. Imagine if they could  reliably listen to you every time, anywhere, and you both felt confident in your abilities to handle whatever comes your way! Great for rescues who need extra confidence and attention!

Imagine if you could trust your puppy to actually listen to you around the house, when hiking the trail, or passing other people or dogs on leash. What if your over-exuberant, jumping, barking, mouthy, chewing puppy could easily settle down and look to you for direction when friends came over, or when you took them for a walk on or off leash?

What would it be like to be certain that your puppy would always listen to you anytime, anywhere? What if you could help you and your puppy feel more secure and certain in challenging situations?

Imagine if you felt confident that you knew how to handle and help your puppy no matter the situation. Imagine if you could invite people over the house without feeling embarrassed by the chaos. What if your rescue puppy could feel more confident and trust you more?

No more embarrassing jumping, mouthing, pulling, or barking when you see people, other dogs, or wildlife. No more destroying furniture or objects around the house. No more worry or uncertainty when your puppy starts acting up.

Instead people are impressed by your well behaved puppy so you can feel proud and more deeply connected to your puppy than ever!

Do you want the peace of mind to know that everything your puppy will ever need for training is covered from now on?

LIFETIME SUPPORT is included in this program for this reason!

This program is typically completed in 10 weeks or less


  • 5 total BONUS jumpstart days for faster results and so you have less homework

  • Everything from the Elevate program plus...

    • 2 included field trips so you can practice training with your dog somewhere different with added guidance, support, and instruction

    • Advanced obedience included -so your dog will listen to you reliably anywhere to sit, stay, place, and come

    • LIFETIME SUPPORT- Additional sessions whenever needed in the future.

      • This is what makes it my MOST POPULAR PROGRAM because it's like having a personal dog trainer to help support you on your journey

  • RESULTS: A puppy that is calm and relaxed at home, is calm, confident, and obedient on and off leash, and listens to you everywhere no matter what 

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"...I am now able to have all 3 pups doing tricks side by side taking treats. I never thought that would be pssible with my dog's guarding around the puppies..."

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