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Dog Training Programs

""...Val has been life changing for us and our anxious but loving dog..."

-Lisa G. 

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Moble programs

Our programs are designed so you can pick the one you want
based on your preferences

The biggest difference between our programs is how much time we spend together, and how much of the training we do FOR you. 
You can choose how much direct help you prefer and how much time we spend with your dog.

The more time we spend together, and the more training we do for you through jumpstart days, or board and train days the more your dog will learn in a shorter amount of time, and the faster you will see results. 
Some of our programs come with a year of additional support or lifetime support so you don't have to worry about reaching your goals or falling behind on training. 
"...I feel more at ease and better equipped to 
handling challenges with my reactive, sometimes fearful springer..."
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Imagine if your dog could calmly greet people, and easily relax around the house!

Right now you may feel embarrassed to have friends and family over because of the chaos that ensues-

Your dog might jump or bark uncontrollably and you worry about your guests getting knocked over!

Imagine if your dog could calmly and quietly greet guests and then relax so you could feel proud of your dog and actually enjoy having people over again! 

This program is typically completed in 4 weeks or less


Unlimited trainer support throughout the duration of the program, I am just a text away for any issues, so you don't have to wait until our next lesson!

  • Private lessons conveniently at your home so we can work on issues where they happen! 

  • Teach your dog to choose: To relax during greetings, to settle instead of bark 

  • RESULTS: Your dog will be calm and relaxed at home and during greetings

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Imagine if you could enjoy no-pull, chaos free walks with your dog and they actually listened to you on walks and around the house!

This program is great for people who want extra support during training, and therefore peace of mind reaching their goals around the house and out on leashed walks. I also work with just your dog for 2 bonus "jumpstart days" to speed up training so you have less work and can enjoy results faster!

Imagine if your dog could easily walk on leash beside you, rather than pulling you toward every person, dog, car, or squirrel around the neighborhood ?

Right now your dog may ignore you when you ask them to do something.

Let's say goodbye to that helpless feeling of being ignored by your dog!

Instead let's teach them to give their full attention when you want it so you can both walk more places more safely!

Imagine the freedom you could enjoy with your dog if you could go more places together and you could count on them to easily settle down, not pull you around, and listen to you. 

This popular program is typically completed in 6 weeks or less


  • Private lessons conveniently at your home so we can work on issues where they happen! 

  • 2 total BONUS jumpstart days for faster results and to give you less homework

    Includes loose leash walking for no-pull walks, teaching your dog to sit on command until released around some distractions

  • Teach your dog: To relax during greetings, to settle instead of bark, to walk calmly on leash without pulling, to sit on command and/or in response to distractions

  • 1 YEAR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT- so you can get refresher lessons down the road

  • RESULTS: A dog that is calm and relaxed at home, can walk on leash without pulling, give you their focus, and actually listen to you when you ask them to

Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 12.26.26 PM.png


Imagine if your dog was a model citizen who could calmly greet people, walk calmly on leash, and actually listened to you on and off leash no matter what! 

This is our most popular program and is great for people who want to be able to take their dog anywhere to enjoy all their favorite activities together. It's also great for creating confidence so you can move past your training obstacles and feel certain your dog will listen to you no matter what;

Through a true and dependable connection.

I personally work with your dog for 3 board and train days to get your dog's training moving along faster and more effectively- saving you a TON of effort and training mistakes. 

People love the results of this program because they are able to do SO MUCH MORE with their dog afterwards. They feel like they truly understand and can connect with their dog at a deeper level than they ever imagined!

Imagine if you felt confident that you knew how to handle your dog no matter the distraction or situation. Even if your dog became nervous, fearful, or over reactive. Imagine if you could invite people over the house without feeling embarrassed or worried about guests. 

No more feeling helpless or embarrassed because your dog is ignoring you while you call for them, or pulling you towards another dog or person.

Instead people are impressed by your well behaved dog so you can feel proud and more deeply connected to your dog than ever!

Enjoy the peace of mind this program includes knowing that everything you and your dog will ever need is included in the lifetime support offered in this program!

This program is typically completed in 8 weeks or less


  • ​3 board and train days so I can do the hard work for you and see results faster!

  • ACCESS to my Happy Handling Canine Course for dogs that struggle with strangers, the vet, other dogs, or handling like nail trims or grooming

  • Higher level obedience which means your dog reliably listens to you everywhere so you can go more places, feel in control, and can show off your pup!

  •  Field trips so you can practice your skills with supervision and guidance at your favorite outing spot

  • LIFETIME SUPPORT- Additional refresher sessions for the future so you never fall behind, or feel unsupported on your training journey it's like having a personal dog trainer to help support you on your training journey

  • RESULTS: A dog that is relaxed at home, calm & confident, listens to you on and off leash no matter what!

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